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Swollen gums

Hello, Swollen gums I have my gums which are all swollen on the left side of my mouth. I don't know what it is. I feel like my cheeks also are getting more and more swollen, can someone please tell me what's going on? Yes, I forgot to tell, I have a decaying tooth inside but it does not hurt.

I want to gain some muscles

Hello, I'm slim and need to gain some weight. For doing so I know that I need to eat more but what kind of food do you advise me and also, will it be right for having twice the amount of meals that I used to have? Thanks for your kind advices.

Extremely bad pain under the breast

Hello, I have been suffering from a bad pain from under the left breast and a slight pain from the under the left arm. While moving the left arm, the pain under the breast gets worst and I can't take it. I have great difficulty to bend. Yesterday, I had nausea and vomited after having my dinner. I worried because I fear it is a breast... Read more

Small pimple on the lips

Hello, I have a small pimple on the lips. It is all white and it's so ugly. It's right on the edge and it hurts very much. I feel so much pain when I try to press it for bursting it. Nevertheless, it doesn't bursts. The surrounding gets all red and I feel this particular region all hot. Is there any solution for bursting it please? T... Read more

Shaky hands

Hello, Hello everyone. I am 25 years and I consider myself as healthy. I have a problem each time I do anything physical my right hand starts to shake and I can't control it at all. I thought it was due to stress, but even when I am taking a shower and finished rubbing my back, my hand starts to shake again. I am very concerned about... Read more

Can the morning-after pill (Plan B) cause infertility? [Solved]

Hello, My boyfriend ejaculated in me, so I took the morning after pill. I just want to know whether this pill can have any effet on my fertility. Will it cause me any trouble in the future for conceiving a baby please? Thank you.

Rebuilding muscles

Hello, What's the best way to have muscles rebuilt? The problem is that I have just had an accident and I'm quite worried because the doctor says that I will lose some weight during the treatment and until recovery, thanks for any advices.

When do you know that someone is an alcoholic

My mother has always been a drinker, from as far as I can remember. She started with beer, then wine, then vodka, now it is whisky. She gets drunk to the point of passing out sometimes in front of my family and friends. Sometimes, she closes the door of her room so that we do not "bother" her by telling her to stop. She has been like this... Read more

is that causing my asthma?

Hello, I have too many leucocytes in the blood: is that causing my asthma? Hello all. I have been urgently sent to hospital last week because I got a severe asthma attack. They have made a blood test that showed that I had 23,650 leucocytes instead of the usual 4000-10,000. I have started wondering if my immune system could ... Read more

I am on pill and I don't want to gain weight

Hello, I am 15 and I have been reading lots of stuff on the fact that if you take contraceptive pills, you put on a lot of weight. I have been taking pills for 3 months to regulate my menstruation cycle, but I have not noticed any change in my body yet. Does it mean that I will not put on weight or might it come later on? I am w... Read more