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Bump on the body

Hello, I went to the seaside this morning and this is not something I usually do. After a bath of 20 minutes I came out with lots of bumps on my arms and legs as well as on my neck. Can it be due to the water? Should I avoid the sea?

Hives very often

Hello I've been having hives for 6 days but it is not the first time, I have them regularly and I wanted to find out a good treatment to get rid of it as soon as possible and for good. If anyone can help me here, your solutions are always the most welcome for me. Since the beginning of the year I've had 5 crises of hives and it is painful... Read more

Pregnant or not?

Hi I am having recourse to artificial insemination after several attempts to have a baby. The transfer was made 10 days ago and I am anxious. I can't stand it to wait and at the hospital they told me not to call before the due date of the test, so I have to wait afraid and willing to have a baby as never before. Well no menstruation up ti... Read more

Beautiful hair

Hello everyone I need help to get back shiny and beautiful hair the kind of hair that makes others jealous. After coloring my hair it is now very dry and disgusting. It is dull, dry and difficult to comb can anyone help me to solve this please.

Lesions on the tongue

Hi after a visit at the doctor for what we thought was a mouth infection the dentist send my husband to the hospital for more exams. Well he says that he has lesions of the floor of the tongue as well as on his tongue too. I am much worried and afraid but got to be strong for my husband. Can it be a cancer please?

Fibro adenoma

Anyone can explain about the fibro adenoma please? Urgent need or answers. Is this a cancer? It is painful or not? How to get rid of it? Any oral treatment or surgical intervention please? How long can someone live with this please? Thanks in advance.

Genetic or not?

Hi, Dear team , i am stella from florida i am 27 years old , i am very worried about a family genetic problem , it just came to me to realize that mostly 50% of my uncle suffer from Diabetes my father also my elders also :( Is Diabetes Genetic really ? or its just a myth? since very young i control my sugar ,make sports try my... Read more

Treating constipation

Hello I am a young mother with a baby boy at home. He is suffering from constipation and I am worried, please could anyone tell me how to treat him? Thanking you for answering me