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Irregular periods since baby

Hi everyone I am new on the forum and I need some information. I gave birth during the month of December and after one month I've had my menstruation. It lasted for almost 3 weeks and then after 2 more weeks I had them again. Since then no menstruation at all and I am worried I mean really. I carried out pregnancy tests which are negative... Read more

Harmful or not

Hello, Is masturbation harmful to the human body please? Thanks in advance.

Cholesterol effects

Hi here, I have severe cholesterol which ruins my life. Nothing is going on properly. I have the feeling that my arm is going numb and some pains in my chest. Also the sensations that my veins are contract or stiffen a symptom that can't be described. This also occurs in my feet and knees too. Can my cholesterol cause these symptoms plea... Read more

Numb arm and pain in the chest

Good morning all of you. I am subject to a quite complicated situation where my heart is causing me some pain. It started with acute pain in the region of the heart as if something is ripping inside but an action that last only for few seconds. This is not the thing that I would describe but it really pains. Last night when I woke up my a... Read more

White stuff on my penis

Good morning I am worried as I saw for the past 3 weeks, white stuff on my penis. It is easily removed but the problem is that I don't find this hygienic at all. What are these things appearing on my penis please? How to avoid them, they look like dry sperm thanks a lot.

Tight throat with pain

Hello I am 22 years old my name is Sophia and doing my studies in economics. I have the feeling that my throat is very tight, with difficulty in swallowing properly. It is as if someone is strangling me at the jaw. Sometimes I have the sensation that I need to spit but the throat is really dry. Help me please.

Arthritis too painful

Hi I am having arthritis and this is very painful for me but exercise is second nature for me and I always need some in my life. I also play intensive football but I would like to know if this will make my situation worse?

Pain in the ear

Hello, I'm having pain in my ear since yesterday. It's that bony stuff that is paining and it's unbearable. What has caused this and what do I need to do please? Thank you.

Dry yellow sperm

Hello, What does it mean to ejaculate dry yellow sperm please? Can it mean that I'm going to get infertile please? Thank you.

premature ejaculation

I want to know when a man is labeled as a premature ejaculator. In fact I like sex, I have had several sexual partners but I have noticed that I am not like those who maintain an erection for let's say 30 minutes or an hours mine can last for at least 10 minutes is it because I am premature ejaculator?

At 14 months she eats too much

Hi I have the feeling that my daughter of 14 months eats too much. Well she never says no to food and I find this strange. She has her 240ml of milk in the morning, evening and twice at night. During the day she eats vegetables with fish or meat as well as her desserts. During the day biscuits too and at night her diner is like at lu... Read more