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Colorectal cancer burning anus

Hello, my husband has been operated from a colorectal cancer and he needs to get back to life now. His pocket was removed since two months and things are horrible for him. He has a liquid pooh that is full of acid and burns his rectum. How can he get over this please? Thanks for sharing

Allergy to cigarette?

Hi when I am around smokers I just can't stay in the place as I really feel bad. My throat starts to tighten and I have some problems in breathing properly. This was not happening to me before but for a few months now I have noticed that if I inhale some smoke from cigarette I start having such reactions. Is it an allergy?

Cholesterol pain during treatment

Hello here I am looking forward to exchange some experiences with people suffering from cholesterol. I am new on the forum and have been under treatment for 2 months for cholesterol. I wanted to know if any of you here suffer from pain due to treatment please. This is painful.

Difficulties in sleeping!

Hello, my son is very difficult to go do bed and protest that there are phantoms in his room. He is terrorized and I have much problem to make him go to bed. He is always coming in our room and this is a very bad habit I know. How do I help him please?

He is harsh with me

Good morning I am in such a complicated "love relationship" my man is very difficult and always complaining about how I am. He is still in contact with his ex but never says much to me, when there are parties I am always the last one to know about same and finally I am forced to go. Else if I don't want to go out he goes without me. He is... Read more

Want to pee all the time

Hello can anyone here help me please? I want to pee all the time and this is not much nice as I can't sleep at night. During the day I am able to retain the desire to pee but at night it is possible and finally when I reach the toilet only 3 or 4 drops of pee comes down. Why am I having this please? Read more

Navel piercing, painful?

Hello I want to have a navel piercing but I am a bit afraid will this be painful? Will I suffer? For how long will I be in pain? I did not yet ask my parents but I really wish to have one.

Body in pain

Hello, I'm 20 years old mother and suffer from muscle and joint pain. I am so tired that I don t even have the motivation to go to my doctor ... and what worries me the worse is that for the 2 last years I haven't gain any kilos (49 kilos after givin birth, up to now). Do you think that my case is worth some medical attention, Thanks ? Read more

Blood donation from vein or artery?

Hello, During blood donation, blood is taken from a vein or an artery? I want to know also the reason and if possible the exact name of the vein or artery. Well I have never donate my blood but I wish to do same. So please tell me more about this is anyone has an answer for me. Evans