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Afraid to sleep alone

Hello, Since June, the night scares me. I can no longer approach the night peacefully. When I go to bed, I'm taking anxiety, morbid thoughts, and I finished in tears. The only way to calm down is to sleep with someone but I can not disturb my family every time. Besides i still go school I can not wait for the sunrise to sleep. This e... Read more

how to have white teeth

Hi all, I would like to have some tips of have clean white teeth without consulting a dentist. advance thanks

I am still a virgin?

Hi all , Sometimes when I feel like I stroke the problem but this time I caress and I put my finger at the entrance and I had a little blood! mnt and I want to know is that you can lose virginity with a finger? I'm too scared!

Depression Symptoms

Hi all, I am 32 years old and i have been studying for 6 years to become a mechanical engineer but i am unable to find a job, i am very stressed and i feel sad about my situation ,unable to sleep. I am afraid I have become depressed!!

I am losing my hair at 18

HI, I am a male student in information technology. I used to make spike with my hair and use wax but I noticed that my hair is getting very thin, and I am very afraid, is there any solution ?

Drug addiction

Hello, I am writing this post because I have serious problem with drugs (cocaine / alcohol) for the last 2 years. I consumed 5 to 7grams of cocaine during a week and when I can't get my hand on drugs I drink, really a lot of alcohol. I wish to quit, but the desire for cocaine is much too strong and inevitably when I drink a lot. ... Read more