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November 28, 2011
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April 23, 2012

Dentist phobia

Hello, So, am in a very strange plight. The person or the thing that scare me the most, I tend to feel compelled to go towards them. I have dentist phobia and despite the times I've been to a dentist for an extraction, I still feel this fear. In the mean time my teeth are decaying one after the other. My wisdom teeth are growing in ... Read more

Been trying for 3 months

Hi I want to have a little baby and my partner wants same but we tried if during 3 months but still nothing and having my menstruation regularly. I wanted to know after how long should I see a doctor or suspect that there is something wrong with me please?

Heat allergies

Good morning I am here to talk about my elder brother who suffers from allergies with heat. Anyone with such an allergy here? It's awful having to live with it. He is very unhappy at not being able to practice sports, which he really loves. How can he be helped with this allergy? He can't do intensive activities as each time he tries he g... Read more

Painful ears

I am subject to severe pain in my ears since this morning. Can anyone help me please? I have the sensation that my earing capacities are lowering. How can I do to solve this problem? Do reply please this is urgent.

Crippling sciatica

Hello my mother is suffering from crippling sciatica on her left side. The doctor finally prescribes her lots of medicine but the biggest problem happens at night where she suffers from all over her body and is not able to rest at all. What can be done please?

As if my throat is tight

I am facing some problems with my digestion and I need your advice hear. What is happening to me? When I eat I have the feeling that my throat is too tight and that when food will not go down in my body. Even after hours I have such difficulties what should I do?

Pelvic spasms

Hi here I have a personal problem and this is urgent so don't hesitate to advise me please. Since already 8 years ago I've started to masturbate regularly and now I am feeling some sort of pelvic spasms which are not nice at all and very annoying. It also tingles in my urethral meatus and I am avoiding masturbation what does this me... Read more

Hairs around the nipples

Hi I feel this is a major problem that is affecting my private and sexual life. I have hairs on my breast all around the nipples and this is disgusting, so disgusting that I am afraid to be naked or to let my man touch my body. How can I get rid of them please?

Back pain

Hi, Some months ago I had an accident nothing damaged or broken, but since then I am suffering from back pain. I am not even able to sit, or sleep comfortably. Is there any help or solution for me?

New spectacles and white veil!

Good morning friends, Well I just change my spectacles and I am not very much at easy with them for the time being. It happens that when I remove them I see white dots and I have some kind of white veil on the eyes and this decrease my eyesight. The correction of these glasses has not changed still wearing one for myopia. In your ... Read more