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Pregnancy after cesarean

Good morning I am the happy mother of a little boy of 1 and a half year old and with his father we want to give him a companion. Well during my pregnancy I had some complication and I've had a cesarean to deliver my son. I want to know after how much time we can try to conceive a baby after the cesarean please?

Tetanus needed or not?

Hello here, my man is suffering. Well he stepped on a nail at work leaving him with a hole of 4mm in his foot. Well I cleaned the injury and but a dressing on it to avoid infection, but since already 10 years he did not had any tetanus vaccine and I want to know if he has to get one please?

Snoring problem

Hi, I snore like an animal and this is spoiling the nights with my girlfriend urgent help needed? Can I cure this? I really did not know that I snore and after some inquiry with my parents they said that I never snored when I lived with them? Any help?