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December 3, 2011
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January 30, 2012

Hurts to pee

Hello I am suffering a lot when I pee. My intimate parts itch and pain a lot, it also burns when urinating. I am having white and yellow discharges which are very thick and along with a string smell. Please help me in this as it is too painful for me to stand so much pain.

Sun Protection Cream

Hi. Actually i am on holidays in Dubai i have use a sun protection cream since two weeks this morning i noticed that a sort of eczema on my left...? Does sun protection cream have side effects on the skin?

Still bleeding after my mens

Hello, I've missed taking my contraceptive pills so I decided to take the morning-after pills. Everything was quite ok since my menstruation started with some lateness and I got them twice during the same month (one week after). Do I need to do a test? Is this bleeding normal? My breast hurts a bit.

Can it be hypochondria

Hello, In my family two people suffered from hypochondria and I am very much worried and obsessed as them. I went many times at the hospital because of a strange sensation in my throat as my heart rate keeps rising. After various examinations a doctor came to the conclusion that I had a raised level of enzyme in my blood due to a coron... Read more