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Hot rep spot on his arms

Hello my son is 3 years old and he is having some sorts of red spot on the arms and it is really hot when touching it. What can it be? It also itches. Can it be an allergy to something? Anyone who has known this please? I am worried. Still there is no fever; I've controlled the temperature each hour since the beginning o... Read more

White pimples on my face!

Hi everyone... My week starts badly; I woke up this morning and was nearly horrified seeing my face. It is covered with white pimples and they do burn a lot. What do I do? This is somehow very strange as when I went to bad I didn't had same and I've been using my usual night skin treatment. Help me please! Read more

Equilibirum problem

Hello, I am 24 years old and I have some questions about my father. He is having some equilibrium problem these days and he says that he has the sensation that everything is rolling around his and he sweat a lot with nausea. can you help please? He is actually treated for hypertension and that's all, I don't know if I am in t... Read more

Eating without teeth

Hello I got all my teeth removed and I am waiting for my denture to be ready. This is very much annoying and embarrassing but I didn't have much choice. My actual problem is that I need to eat and I don't want to lose weight at all. Apart from having soup what can I eat please?

Sore eyes

Hi, I am 44 years old and after consulting several eye specialists, having several types of drugs and even lenses there's no change. My eyes are still paining and burning. I just can't see clearly in daylight. Anyone can help me please.

Constant diarrhea

Hi, I have been suffering with constant diarrhea for 2 years and at first I thought it may be because the food taken carelessly. But it is becoming more and more frequent. As soon as I eat something like ice-cream or something spicy, I have to run to the toilet. Is it really diarrhea?

Alcoholic husband

Hello, My husband drinks a lot and I've tried to get him to stop but in vain. His feet are swollen and even his belly. What should I do? My mind is blank.

Industrial dust effecting my breathing

Hello to all, I am a factory worker and I deal everyday with textile and thick cloth as well as towel. I don't wear the mask and I have the feeling that I am breathing lots of dust every day and I am afraid that I might be ill afterwards. I have difficulties in breathing properly already and I am upset as my nose is always stuffy. Thanks ... Read more

She is depressed

Hello My sister had her baby 2 weeks ago and unfortunately things are not going too well. The baby is crying, and my sister seems ovewhelmed by everything. I also have the sensation that she is on the verge of having a depression how can I help her? Can it be the baby blues?


I have been vomiting since last night, I also have a stomach ache. I need help, no one is home to help me, I am on my own. I don't think its bad enough to go to hospital. I am even vomiting water, help me please.

Broken leg itching

Good morning I broke my leg last week and I am wearing a plaster but the complicated part is that it is always itching inside. I took the Chinese noodle stick to relieve my itching. But is this all normal please?


Good day I am looking for some kind of treatment for babies who suffer gases please? Mine is suffering badly he is 3 weeks and weeks on crying all the time. The podiatrist gave some droplets but they are inefficient what should I do please? The baby does not even sleep due to these gases!

Swollen gums

Hello I have swollen gums can anyone tell me more about this please? I am much in pain as if they are going to bleed or explode. What should I do in such circumstances please?

Constipated baby

Hello my baby is 2 months and I've noticed that he is constipated he has to struggle a lot to free himself from feces. He does not make same daily and I am worried. I breastfeed him and from time to time give him a baby bottle. Can you help me to know why he is constipated please?

Breathing problems at night

Hi since some days I am having some complications at night I am not able to breath properly and wake up suddenly at night this is very much annoying and I need to know from where are these symptoms. Can anyone help me please?

1cm lump

Hello my father is victim of some pain at the stomach and when palpating he felt a lump of about 1cm of diameter under the breastbone in the thoracic duct. It can't be seen with naked eye but we can feel it under our finger. It is not causing much discomfort but we are worried.

Dilated pupil

Yesterday I got back home after gymnasium and I had the pupil dilated they were exploding and afterwards a server headache followed. This is horrible for me and I am having some problems in dealing with this all. Why is this happening to me? At home they even thought that I had smoke weed of things as such!!! Help.

High fever and low pulse?

Hi two days ago my mother lost consciousness and was sent to hospital with high temp and low pulse. The doctors are making lots of analyses and can't find anything wrong with her. She was not in contact with any animal or insects and did not consume anything suspect. How can I help her please if the doctor themselves are not finding a ... Read more

Slim, yet I have cellulite

Hello I am slim but with lots of cellulite. It is on my thighs, is this normal? I want to get rid of the cellulite so any help or advise please, by the way I am 26 years old. Bye.

I'm not loosing weight !!

Hi I am 22 years old, measuring 1m66 and weighing 67 kilos. I am doing lots of efforts to lose some weight but I also have the feeling that my efforts are useless. I need to lose some weight as soon as possible as I am going to have a trip in two months and want to fit properly in my dresses. Help me.