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Smoking effects on growth

Good morning everyone, I would be glad if you can tell me how far is this true that smoking stops growth please? I am 14 years old and I do smoke from time to time and I would like to have this little confirmation as far as possible. Thanks.

Coughing for weeks

Hello, My mother has been coughing for weeks now, and it seems to be very tiring for her. Her coughing is dry and she says that it makes her vibrate when it happens. She also has headaches due to this and I want to help her thanks for replying.

Menstruation twice a month

Hello I am 14 years old and this month I have had my menstruation two times during 7 days. Is this normal? What is happening to me? Can it be related to my change in diet please? I am actually consuming only vegetables for 2 months. Thanks for replying regards.

Prostate cancer treatment?

Hello I wanted to know if anyone here has gone through prostate cancer and what was the treatment used please. The doctor is talking about a total ablation of the prostate in my case and I am against this. I don't want him to remove a part of me. I need help so can anyone give me same please?

When to ween?

Hi everyone. My baby is 4 months and still having milk only I am a bit afraid to move from milk to other stuff and I wanted to know when I should do the first step. Is she of age or do I wait a bit more please? Also if you can advise me on what to give her as well as if I can give her water daily please thanks a lot.

Rising BP

Hi I wanted to know if this is normal to have my BP rising a lot a night please. This is annoying as each time I wake up with the ears on fire a severe headache and not well at all. I am worried.

Hypersensitive ears

Hello my ears are hypersensitive to noise all sorts of noise, either doors closing or windows knocking or someone putting down anything harshly. This is so difficult for me as each time the noise explode my ears and it is so painful for me. I do have ear plugs all the time to be able to survive.

Unprotected sex what to do?

Hello I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend the day before yesterday and I did not even took the morning after pill. Yes I know this is not secure but I forgot about it and had too much to do to go to the pharmacy. Is there a risk for me to fall pregnant please?

I am always anxious

Hello I need help as I am always anxious. This situation is very painful for me who is always panicked with violent pain in the legs every morning and I live with the fear or falling out of consciousness at any time. Thanks for helping.

Anemia or not?

Hello, Suffering from anemia after some research my mother came to this deduction. Since then I am taking vitamins with 18mg of iron in them. I should say that since then I fell a little bit better. But since one month I have noticed that I am losing my hair, 10 strands or more a day. I have also lost appetite and feel as dizzy as b... Read more