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Offensive smelling discharge

Hello Last month I've been treated for a yeast infection that was very painful for me. I've used all sorts of things given by my gynecologist and since then I am feeling much better. But for the past 2 days, I have noticed an offensive smell from my vagina, and I have a temperature of 38. Can it be the yeast infection causing fever ? Read more

Violet spot in his mouth

Good morning I am writing this post in order to get some help and opinions from mothers in the same situation as I. my son of 12 months has a violet spot on his palate and I just saw same. I am very upset and afraid for him. At this place there is no tooth yet can anyone help why did he have this violet spot please?

Pain in the knee after snowboarding

Hi after a fracture at the knee the doctor told me to have an MRI which is scheduled for next week. In the meantime I went snowboarding. At the beginning everything was good and afterwards it started to pain a lot, with trouble in straightening my leg. What can it be? Help please!

Inverted nipples

Hello, I have strange breast as my nipples never comes out or very rarely. I have heard of a surgical intervention that involves cutting a nerve below the nipple. Has anyone heard of this procedure or any other? This would really help me in gaining some femininity and being much more at ease with my man.