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Fibromyalgia signs and symptoms

Hey here, Can anyone tell us more about fibromyalgia please? I need to know a bit more about the signs and symptoms as my grand mother seems to be suffering from this, according to a doctor and I would like to cross check it. Yeah I'm not a doctor but still I'm worried and want to be sure they made a good diagnostic. Regards ... Read more

Blood in the urine

Hello, I have noticed blood in my urine when getting to the toilet this morning, I'm all scared about it and want to know what's going wrong. Has anyone ever been in the same situation as me please? Thank you.

I am on birth control

Hello, I have just started to take contraception pills and have noticed that I am still having my period since more than a week. It's rather abnormal, can you please tell me what's going wrong please? Thank you.

My mouth smells

Hello, I have the mouth which smells since some days and no matter if I brush them for a longer period of time, it is still the same. Can you please tell me how to get rid of this bad smell please? Thank you.

Throat problems

Hello I want to know what is happening to me. Actually I have a problem I am unable to swallow properly. There is a lump in my throat preventing me from swallowing. This is a little bit painful and gives me the feeling that my mouth is always full with saliva.

Rectal bleeding

Hi I am 19 years old and since yesterday I am bleeding from my anus and I am worried. Please don't tell me go to the doctor I know that I have to but any solution please? Each time I go to the toilet I bleed from the anus and the bleeding is turning to be abundant. Do help me urgently please.

Breast reduction

Hi I want to know a little bit more about the breast reduction as I have a concern about my breasts and I am not happy with them. They are too big and when people look at me it is the first thing they will notice with me my breast and this is too much annoying for me. Give me some advice.


Hi For 2 months I have noticed a mole, on my left cheek. Could it be dangerous of not? For sure I did not have it before and it just appeared how will I do to get rid of this one please? And is my situation normal or not?

Teeth getting yellow

Hello, I have my teeth which are getting yellow day by day. Even if I brush them, they still remain yellow. There are even some parts which have become brown, what's the solution for getting them whiter please? Thank you.


Hello, Is there any possible mean for knowing when a person is telling lies please? Thanks in advance.

When and how to do the pregnancy test

Hello, Can anyone tell me if it is necessary to do the pregnancy test early in the morning before the first food just as the blood test please? This seems strange but I'm a bit confused, some say that the pregnancy test should be carried out using the first urine of the day. Help please.

External hemorrhoids

Hello I am suffering from external hemorrhoids and that recently appeared. I am using external gel, crème and suppositories as well as anti-edematous. There is no improvement at all, since how long must I wait?

Raspberry leaves

Hello I am 5 month pregnant and I wanted to know a bit more about the virtues of herbal tea with raspberry leaves. I've heard that this prepares the body for childbirth and strengthen the muscles is this true and possible? Thanks

Blue lips and nails

Hello I wanted to know why my little girl of 1 year got blue nails and lips. This does not happen daily but I did notice this once before food and another time while she was playing. The house is warm and the heater is always on. Her granny noticed that her hands were cold today any explanation please? Read more