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17 days without tobacco

Hello, After 20 years of heavy smoking, it's the very first time that I haven't even approached tobacco for 17 days. I've made an oath to myself, if nothing negative happens after four days without tobacco, I'll continue. But it is not that easy anyway as the feeling of an empty stomach compels me to eat a lot more. My question is, is it... Read more

Pain after sex

Hello this is not the first time that I am having sexual intercourse with my boyfriend but things are feeling odd at the moment. We were apart for 2 month, because we were travelling. Now that we are back we get together and when making love I felt such a big pain that was unbearable worst that my first time. It pains a lot and is blee... Read more

Periodontitis treatement

Hello can anyone tell me more about treatment against periodontitis? A friend of mine told me that the dentist opens his gums to clean the bones and so on but that this was horrible and he was not even able to reach the end of the treatment. Well how do I care for my gums please?

How to detect diabetes???

Hi forum friends, I am here as I need to know a bit more about the numerous signs and symptoms of diabetes please? This is much important I need to know how to detect diabetes, how to notice that someone is suffering from this illness. Thanks for helping me.

Hair on the forehead

Hello does anyone have hairs on his forehead please? I have same and this is so horrible. I made the biggest mistake of my life in shaving them and now it is worst. How can I do please? Can anyone help me with those ugly hairs?

Horrible stretch marks

Good day, my name is Mimzy and I have stretch marks and this is due to corticoids that I did intake when I was younger. I went to the dermatologist for a solution but nothing worked. I am looking for a cheap solution to get rid of these stretch marks that are spoiling my life please help me. Thanks a lot.

Muscular pain or heart pain?

Good morning I am 25 years old and suffering from acute pain in the stomach around the heart. I know that this can be caused due to muscular pain or coronary disease or complication. I need some help how to determine same please?

Complicated situation

Hi this is an urgent message I am very afraid as my wife is not well at all these days and she suffers too much but still does not want to move to the doctor. She is much tense, low BP, trembling all the day, she is having fever and diarrhea, is much confused that ever. How do I help her, what is she having.

High level of potassium

Hello For nearly two years I've been treated for prostate cancer and I do smoke 10 cigarettes per day. I have never been a big smoker but I am taking bad habits. I am having a rise in my level of potassium and I need to know if cigarette can be the cause of this rise please?

Breastfeeding concerns

Hello, I wish to have a second child my first one is 4 years old and I really want a brother or sister for my son. I am a bit afraid to go through the worry of lack of milk for my second baby. During my first pregnancy I had no milk at all and even after the delivery nothing at all. My first child was nourished with the baby bot... Read more

Side effects

Hello, Is there any side effects to exercising too much in attempt to lose weight and eating less along? Thanks for your answers.