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Types of leukemia

Hello, I would like to know how many types of leukemia exist please. My father passed away with one of them and no one at home is able to explain. The cancer was diagnosed and after 3 months he passed away leaving no time for us to understand anything. Thanks for answering.

Tingling in the hands and legs

Good morning, I want to know a bit more about tingling in the hand and the legs please? I have to bear them and this is very painful. The most frightening part is when I can't anymore feel my hand or legs and this really upset me. Thanks for explaining

Repeating the abuse?

Hello I know a friend who has had a very bad and difficult childhood. Her mother was raised in a convent being abandoned by her father after the death of her father. She was beaten and reproduced same on her children. My friend was very much humiliated and ill-treated by her mother who has been reproducing the treatment she receive... Read more

Hard mass in the lower breast

Good evening everyone I have a little question about my daughter, she's got some kind of mass on her breast on the lower part. It moves but does not have the form of a little greasy ball. I can't help her in telling her what it is. In the other breast some kind of hard mass too on her bone what is it?

Teenage crises

Hello I need help for my youngest sister please, I am the eldest and I am very worried about her. She is having her teenage crises and at first she hated everyone at home and found that everyone was stupid. Now she cries for no reason. She argues that she is fat which is not the case and this makes ma anxious. How will I be able to help... Read more

Ribs shows under the skin

Hi does it mean that I am thin because my ribs shouw under my skin please? Everyone around says that I am fine, and that my body is OK but I just need to know if I am too thin thanks.

Operation of the herniated disc

Hello I am thinking of removing my herniated disc the doctor says that it is possible. I want to know what the constraints due to the operation afterwards are. Will I feel pain? Will I need vacation or even rehabilitation? Thanks for your answers and yeah the hernia is situated in the sacrum. Thanks.

Safe or not ?

Hi I took my birth control pill and vomit it 2 hours later. I wanted to know if it has had the time to be effective or should I have sex with condoms in the mean time? Do I have to take another one in such cases next time?