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November 27, 2011

Coffee problem

Hi, I am working the night shift and it's horrible after having worked office hours for more than 20 years. To avoid sleeping I have been drinking more than 4 cups of coffee during my working hours.. Last night after a cup of coffee I felt like as if my heart beat was increasing I thought that I was having a heart attack.. W... Read more

loss belly fat fast

Hi, I am Gabriel, i don't have a perfect body but i ve got a fat belly :) Some friends tell me that it because i drink too much beer.. lol, the thing is my clothes don't fit me anymore i would like to lose weight quickly !! I don't want to be fat!!!:)

Bad breath!!

Hello, For weeks now, there's an unbearable odour coming from my mouth, it is very embarrassing to talk face to face with someone. It is very inconvenient and annoying, I brush my teeth four times a day, tried all types of products , but still the foul odour remains! I also noticed the presence of small white pimples on my tongue. ... Read more