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August 2, 2011

22 years old

Hello, I want to know whether I'm too young for a facelift because I'm just 22 years old and I really want to make it. However the surgeon is insisting that I'm too young for such surgery. Can anyone answer please? Thank you.

12 years son

Hello, My son has asthma and the doctor says that he has the capabilities to get cured, does that mean that he will get cured and won't have such troubles afterwards? Thank you.

Hole in the teeth

Hello, I'm only 25 and I have a hole in my teeth. I was wondering whether there is any way to get it alright without the need to remove it, thanks.

Bigger boobs

Hello, Since my friend has started taking these contraception pills, her boobs has grown bigger as well as she gained more weight. Will she lose weight if she stops taking the pills please? Thank you.

Abdominal pains

Hello, I just hate sex, I will frequently have abdominal pains and pain during sexual intercourses. Could this be hiding any kind of sexual disease please? I'm not worried but sometimes, it's really painful and I just can't understand it. Thanks.

Seven pounds

Hello, It might seem weird but it's true. My wife has gained seven pounds last week. What could be the cause? Thank you.