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Sudden lost of weight

Hi, My name is Casandra I just realised that i am losing weight without any diet .. it is a very uncomfortable situation since i feel like becoming like a piece of paper:( what can be the cause?

How to remove blackheads?

Hello, I once had big problems with acne, and after many ineffective treatments, it disappeared by itself. However, today I have a huge amount of blackheads that have remained. I have healthy skin (I regularly do scrubs and masks) and this hides their appearance. But I would be really happy, if I can get rid of them permanently. Is th... Read more

Bad breath.

Hello, Hello, I have a bad breath. I brush my teeth every day morning and evening, I take chewingum but nothing to do, I feel that its just coming from the back of the throat. Would you have a solution? thank you :)

Oily hair

Hello, like a lot of people I think, I have oily hair. Even though I wash it regularly (almost everyday), after a short period (10-12 hours) the hair gets oily. Do you have a solution? I tried many different shampoos, haircare products ... Advice please? :)

Becoming more intelligent

Hi, I would like to know whether it is possible to become more intelligent , am 12 years old i would like to be a geek, i have made some research on internet i heard about a method to read more quickly ... Please advice help me to become a genius!

Problem after extraction of wisdom teeth

Hello, I'm got my wisdom teeth removed on Monday and since I have a little problem. I have a bad taste in my mouth & it smells very bad. Is this normal? Thank you

Ice cubes against acne

Hello, Since I started using ice cubes on my face .. I saw a little improvement concerning my acne problems .. I was told that many people use the same remedy, what do you think? (The funny comments are not welcomed , please).