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Girl or boy

Hello, Is there any possible way to know whether I am going to have a baby girl or a baby boy? Thanks in advance.

Drinking milk

Hello, Can drinking milk help me remove all the alcohol from the beer that I drank yesterday please? Thanks.

how to increase sexual appetites

Hello, I would like to know what can I do to increase my sexual appetites naturally.

15 kilos overweight

Hello, I am 15 kilos overweight and I want to know what will help for keeping me healthy, thanks in advance.

I want to be fat

Hello everyone I just want to know how can I increase my weight because it doesn't increase since I was 5years old Thanks Read more

Hair lose

Hello, We are suffiring from hair lose for 3 years we used maney type of medisene but no privilese i am 27 year old and my 25% hair has been white my hair lose start middle point sir i have phasing problem please give me relevent feadback.

stretch marks

would like to ask if there is any effective cream or lotion to reduce visibility of strech marks, due to pregnancy.