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Hello, I have nine days of delay on my menstrual cycle and yesterday I did a pregnancy test. The results has been positive but I'm not really sure of it. I hope that I'm really pregnant. Can you tell me please whether it's for sure that I'm pregnant?

I want to see a psychologist

Hello, I'm 14 years old and I extremely want to see a psychologist because I lack self confidence. Do you believe that it is really necessary? Thanks.


Hello, I suffer from headaches since nine years old and now I'm 36. I'm going through a treatment but it will always come back again and again. I have tried different treatments but in vain. There has even been times when the headaches lasted for four days. Thanks for your answers.


Hello, I have some orange spots on my eyelids and the under the eyes. It's a friend who has noticed them. I wear glasses and it's only after some days that I noticed it too. The spots are 4mm in diameter. I do not really know whether I need to see my doctor or whether I need to see a specialist. I also have some doubts on whether it ... Read more

Having a baby but no father

Hello, I am a 42 year old woman and I'm separated from my husband. It's been some six months that I live alone. I want to have a baby. Is it possible to have a baby even if there's no father? Thanks in advance, any answer is most welcomed.