Losing Weight

I am 17 pounds over weight and I was wondering if any one can tell me how to lose that 17 pounds within 2 months. Thank You for those who help Read more

How to cure herpes? [Closed]

Hi, I often have some buttons of herpes, lips or even in the nose, do you know an effective treatment? Thanks a lot

How do I increase my breast size naturally? [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I am 21 years old and sleem girl. How to increase breast size Naturally within few day. Plz tell any simple steps With Regard Urmila Thakur

Relationship she starts hanging out with other guys

Am caught in a fix!! Hv met a lady age 24yrs, just don't know y, but I luv her so much!, but she is having a lust problem.. Anytime I travel and leave her behind, she starts hanging out with other guys!! Hv tried talking with her with the aim of changing her, but to no avail!,, just returned from a journey, when I called her, she said she... Read more


Seeking Comments about UNDIAGNOSED MUSCLE LOSS from Anyone! 73 WM without Health Problems, take No Medication, suffering from Progressive Muscle weakening in Extremities. Do daily exercises.

What to eat when you have gastrointestinal?

Hello, Well, that's two days I have a gastro... My doctor obviously advised me to eat rice, but I don't like that! Do you know what I can eat and especially avoid eating? Thank you for your advice