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Constant sneezing

Hello, I have been sick for 3 weeks, I am allergic to polyester. I got a serious running nose and constant sneezing night and day. What to do to sleep at least at night? Help me please.

My sister is pregnant

Hello, My sister is still young but she got pregnant from her boyfriend. My parents don't know about this and she told me not to tell anyone. I've even talked about it to her boyfriend but what should I do now? I am completely lost.

No one believes me

Hello, I am 13 years old and I went through several sessions with a psychologist but my mom says that is it not really important. Furthermore it costs her a lot of money for nothing. That's why I decided to post this on this forum as I really need to express myself. My words have never been given due importance. I feel completely los... Read more

My weight is 54 kg and I got huge arms

Hi, I am a girl of 14 years old, my height is 1 m 59 and my weight is 54 kg. I feel quite hefty and my arms are huge. In short I look like a body builder and I badly want to lose weight from my arms, my thighs and my belly. Is there any way to lose weight taking my growth and my age into consideration? Thanks Read more

My first IVF

Hello, I did my first IVF on the 13th of March 2012; my blood test is scheduled for the 28th of March 2012. I am a bit depressed and I am afraid of negative results but anyway I'll have to accept it.