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I am confused do suggest me what to do

Hello, I am suffering from irregular periods, I want to ask from experienced couples here that we are planning to have a baby in april. Is it effects the whole process of pregnancy. I am confused do suggest me what to do, I am taking medicines regularly.

Kindly suggest me the best process.l

Hello, I am facing problems in having a child, i want a suggestions from the experienced couples who are trying to make a baby through surrogacy process and IVF process. My aunt suggested me to visit ukraine to make a baby as I can't have normal delivery, I am facing problems in my Embryo and i am very much worried about this. My doctor w...

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I need some inspiration.

Hello, Hi there. I got diagnosed with infertility. I am finding it hard to accept this. Is anyone else here in the same boat as me? Has anyone managed to have a child against the odds? Do share your success stories please. I need some inspiration.

Should I cut down on that?

Hello, Hi there. I am 9 weeks pregnant. However, I haven't gained any weight yet. Is this normal? I mean not even a single lb. In fact, I think I might have become weaker. My clothes seem loose. The weight is the same though. Should I be worried? I am eating enough I think. A little more than my reguar diet. I try to focus more on the n...