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hi guys, as i was reading somewhere i came to learn that weight can be a real obstacle when it comes to fertility. being either anorexic or obese can cause on to be infertile due to the hormonal imbalance and also what you eat might be another problem. its best girls as we work on getting pregnant we should also be checking on what we eat... Read more

why is it so hard for us??

Hello, Sometimes we assume advice that we are given by the elderly. I usually wonder why our grannies were able to give birth with such ease and our generation is having a hard time conceiving. The life style we live may be the cause, we drink too much and the world of today we equate beauty to being skinny. We really expose ourselves to ... Read more


Hello, i have a friend who is a bit older than i am. he recently got married to a younger lady and they have been having a lot of issue since they started to try conceiving. he has kids from his earlier marriage. i started to think that it might be the young lady but i cant get into that. what advice can i give to my good friend??