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Need Suggestions

Hello, I hope everyone is fine. The day I lost my child everything was over. I lost the game. I had a miscarriage when a bike hit me. Doctors not only told me about the miscarriage but about my infertility too. Infertility is a curse to me. I can't see any positivity around me. My husband is my support system but I know he wants a child.... Read more


Surrogacy is prohibited in many states. Like I am from japan there surrogacy is banned. So i had to move to Europe in search of surrogacy. I was infertile due to cancer. But my husband told me not to get worried because he had decided to go through surrogacy to have our kid. So we moved to Europe. Than from Europe we moved to Ukraine.


Hello, Hello ladies. It's been a long day, I just came back from work. Before going to bed I just wanted to leave a post here. Does anyone has had surrogacy? Well, the thing is that I'm considering to have one in upcoming 2018. I will first try having an IVF then if things won't be working in my favor. I'll have surrogacy later as a sec... Read more


Hello, Does anyone know someone who has conceived a little earlier with the IVF process? I just need confirmation. I heard from some ladies that IVF usually takes a little earlier for women to conceive. I am just calculating a few things right now. I'm also booking for one next year in Ukraine. That's why I really need to know. Anyway! ... Read more


Hello, I too cannot how believe how brutal can these clinic people be. I am an infertile. I am 36 years old. I recently found about surrogacy and I wanted to go for it at the very moment. I heard alot about this clinic. I contacted *** Ukraine via email. But got no response. I kept emailing them for 2 weeks. But still got no response. ... Read more

Surrogacy and Miscarriages

Hello! Thrice i had conceived and thrice i had gone through miscarriages at different stages. I am married for the second time and i persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy method to have a baby of our own. We both have some biological substance left which can make our own child in someone's other womb without having her biological im... Read more

why is it so hard for us??

Hello, Sometimes we assume advice that we are given by the elderly. I usually wonder why our grannies were able to give birth with such ease and our generation is having a hard time conceiving. The life style we live may be the cause, we drink too much and the world of today we equate beauty to being skinny. We really expose ourselves to ... Read more