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Choosing the right clinic is the real battle

Hello, This is lucy james. Today i wanted to share my experience with you guys. I am an infertile and have been facing this curse since 8 years. after my first miscarriages i couldn't conceive at all. I went to hundred of doctors, tried every treatment and course for TTC but nothing worked and no doctor told me the reason why i am unable... Read more

Cant wait!

Hello, I'm Scarlett. I've been in this forum for so long. I may the support n encouragement it has given me all along is amazing. I love you all for it. I was so scared and was depressed. if seemed finished. I was newly married and was declared infertile. I'm so glad. Bi***m clinic replied to me. good news for all. they are having open da... Read more

Beware of worst clinic

Hi everyone how are you all? Today I want to share some important information with you guys. It's about *** and *** clinic in Eastern Europe. They scammed my cousin. She was so disappointed. She loses hope. Then someone recommended her a good clinic in Eastern Europe. She visited them. They treated her really well. It was her best decisio... Read more