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High pulse rate

Hello, I have just checked my pulse rate and it's 102 per minute, is it normal for a 60 years old person?


Hello, My baby is only three months old and he is having diarrhea. I have still not changed anything in the nutrients that he consumes. I always make sure that every milk bottle that I used is properly washed with boiled water so that there's no infection. I don't understand what's causing it, please help me. Thanks. Read more

I cannot concentrate on my studies

Hello, Can you please help me? I don't know what I must do. I cannot concentrate on my studies anymore. There's only one week left for the exams and I am unable to concentrate on my studies correctly. In addition, I have become more aggressive to my surroundings and I will quickly get angry. Please help me.

Am I pregnant?

Hello, Can I be pregnant despite the fact that I'm having my menstrual bleedings? I first had a three days delay over it but finally started having a brownish discharge and then I had my period.

How to have a daughter?

Hello, I have a son and want to have a daughter, please tell me how I can realize this. Thank you.

Do pregnant woman have periods?

Hello, I am having my menstrual bleedings but I'm having symptoms as if I'm pregnant. Do you believe that it's possible to have your period while being pregnant? Thank you.