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14 weeks pregnant:Can i have an ultrasound?

Good morning, I am 12 weeks pregnant and have an appointment with the midwife on 16 April 2011. Do you think 14 weeks too early to have an ultrasound? Will I be able to know my baby's sex? Thanks.

Tonsillitis:Can we treat it with baking soda?

Hello, I have recently heard that baking soda can treat tonsillitis. Can you please inform me if we should swallow it or simply gargle? Thanks.

Masturbation yet no ejaculation.

Hi, I am 13 years old and I don't ejaculate while masturbing myself. Is it normal? Thanks in advance for your response.

Hair removal:razor or scissor?

Hello, I am 14years old. I plan to have sexual intercourse for the first time and would like to know the best way to remove my pubic hairs. Should I use a razor or scissors? Please,can you tell me which is the best techniques. I'm waiting for your response. Thanks.


Removal of one testicule: Can i be pregnant?

Hi, I stopped taking the contraceptive pill in May 2010 in the hope of conceiving. I had been on the pill for 8 years I and I am wondering if my husband and I are sterile. Also, I'm extremely anxious as one year ago, my partner had a surgery to remove a diseased testicle. Do you think we can still have a baby? Thank you in advance. Read more