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Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well. My name is Alessia. I recently got married at the age of 30. Finding a partner who truly cared about me and understood my illness was something I thought next to impossible. However, I was lucky I would say. I know that he is happy with how things are for now but deep inside I know that both of... Read more


Hi everyone. I am feeling really really lost. I think I am never going to overcome this loss. I recently lost my kid during birth. I actually got late after my water broke. I was faint. My Husband was at his job. Luckily he came back home after 1 hour of my faintness and picked me up and went recently to hospital but my child was born dea... Read more

Is this dental filling again work in my case

Hi, I am 27 years old, lives in Whitby. I am suffering from a toothache for about three days. Most of my teeth are in the decayed stage. I use sugar and sugar-filled items more. Some of my teeth have dental fillings. I have filled it five years back. Those fillings are still safe. Now only this tooth has a problem and it is in the stage o... Read more

I am really worried

Hello, Hi there everyone, how are you all. I hope you all find this at your good. I am really worried that my baby is now 7 months old but he is not teething at all. I think now this is the time for him to grow his teeth. I am worried for him. I think it is some kind of issue. Is anyone here who has the same experience with his child. I... Read more