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Pain during penetration

My name is Alison I am 19 years old and I am sexually active except for the past 3 days. Well I am with a guy that really pleased me and we are very active in bed, but since last week I am having pain when he enters me that we can't carry on with sexual intercourse. I do lubricate but I am still too much pain. Help

She has changed

Good evening, well I want to talk about my daughter who is 14 years old. Maybe I am being worried for nothing but since last year she is always sad as her friend moved abroad with all her family. Her teachers at school did notice that she is not as happy as before. Do help me please.

Adhesive capsulitis on the left shoulder

Hi here anyone can give me some advice about the adhesive capsulitis that is affecting my left shoulder please? I really need help and I need to know if my arm is going to recover completely thanks a lot!

Solution for dark circles

Hi I have dark circles under my eyes and this is not beautiful at all, even with make-up I can't hide them I'd rather stay at home rather than having to always reassure people that I am good and not ill. Please help me.

A hole in the tooth

Hello I just noticed a hole in my tooth and this is not very beautiful. It's not painful for the time being, but I need to know why I have a hole in my tooth. Can anyone help please?

pregnancy test

Dear all, I would like to whether pregnancy test are really reliable ? because 3 weeks ago i made a test it was positive i was so happy about the Idea of having a little baby .. but i got my mens this morning i when to a gynecologist he said that i was not pregnant:L(

Hours of labour?

Hello I wanted to know if for every women labor takes long? When the liquid comes out how long does the woman wait before giving birth please?

He spits all the time

Hello, my boyfriend spits all the time why so? This is quite annoying and much more when we are with people. He says he can't stop himself! Is this a bad habit of the result of some kind of problem?