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Infertility struggle

Hello everyone, i am meera and I have been on this forum for a while now, but wasn't around for last few weeks as I had not been feeling well. I am myself struggling with infertility and have been to a fertility specialist and discovered that my fallopian tubes were blocked and that has been the reason for my infertility. I and my husband... Read more


Hello, At what age does a woman becomes infertile please? Thanks in advance.

Second opinion

Hello, Can anyone tell me if Biotexcom is the best clinic for getting pregnant via IVF? I am not able to conceive even after 5 years of marriage and all the doctors that i have consulted say that there is nothing wrong with either my hubby or me. Please i need advice urgently. Thank you in advance.

is it fair for women to carry the burden alone

Hello, in my short stay at the best infertility clinic in Ukraine, i was surprised that even though most women were accompanied by their husbands, the men left leaving their wives to go through the IVF alone. while that may be procedural, its not making any sense at all. men should also be around to carry the emotional burden that come... Read more

i can't explain the support and love that my wife has showed me

Hello, sometimes it’s hard for us to admit that we might be the one failing our spouses. I myself gave my wife a hard time when we were trying to conceive. When she wanted us to visit the clinic for tests i was so scared that it will mean I am half of a man. but she’s really been my rock, she introduced me to such forums and i got to se... Read more