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Urination problem

Hello, dears i am 27 years old i am having very big problem which is urinating for many many times everyday .. even after i finish i don't feel that it is finished but i still feel that i have to do it after few minutes.. i have this problem from about 4 or 5 years , i went to the doctor and did pee test and the result was nothing ..... Read more

WOndering why

Hello, We are together since one and a half year and he says that we are made for each other. However, I have great desire for him, that is, I will want to have sex with him more than often. He says that it's too much. Sometimes, he will even reject me when I try to touch him. I have been trying to retain myself but I just can't, I ... Read more

Is there any mean?

Hello, How can we determine the beginning of our menstrual cycle? Thanks.

Small breasts

Hello, I'm really stressed about my small breasts. I want to know how I can get them in bigger size naturally. Please help me about it. I don't want to go through any surgery, thanks.

Is there any risk?

Hello, I'm 20 years old and want to know when I can have unprotected sex with my boyfriend. Thanks for replying.

Hello, Is it normal to have nausea and to fe

Hello, I'm 12 years old but however I have no sperm yet. I know it because I masturbate daily. Please help because I fear of being infertile. Thank you.

Wet underwear

Hello, I have noticed that I have my underwear all wet when I return home and no it is not because I have been horny. What is the reason for this please? Thanks in advance.

Belly growing bigger and bigger

Hello, I have the belly growing bigger and bigger and before it gets worst, I want to get rid of it. Do you have any tips for me to lose this please? Great thanks.

Fats on the chest

Hello, I have fats on my chest which makes them look like boobs, how can I get rid of these fats please? Thanks for your suggestions.

Shy about my breasts

Hello, I have so big breasts that all the people watch me strangely everywhere. There are some guys who just fix my breasts. Is there a possible mean to get smaller breasts please? Thanks kindly for your help.

Best work outs

Hello, What are the best work outs for losing weight most rapidly possible please? Thank you.