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cases of infertility

I have a friend who is experiencing difficulties in getting a child. However, she is afraid to visit the doctor and learn that she is infertile. Since I want to help her, are there any signs that can be used to identify if someone is infertile?

Infertility struggle

Hello everyone, i am meera and I have been on this forum for a while now, but wasn't around for last few weeks as I had not been feeling well. I am myself struggling with infertility and have been to a fertility specialist and discovered that my fallopian tubes were blocked and that has been the reason for my infertility. I and my husband... Read more

IVF or not

Hello, everyone. Pleased to be here.I am new here. I just want opinions from well-minded people. I would not say I am confused, just skeptical. My best bet for having babies now is through science. Have any of you tried in-vitro-fertilization with donor eggs? I am totally open to the idea but I have my fears. I am due to travel next week ... Read more

i can't explain the support and love that my wife has showed me

Hello, sometimes it’s hard for us to admit that we might be the one failing our spouses. I myself gave my wife a hard time when we were trying to conceive. When she wanted us to visit the clinic for tests i was so scared that it will mean I am half of a man. but she’s really been my rock, she introduced me to such forums and i got to se... Read more