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testicular and prostate problem

My husband has been suffering from the testicular and prostate problem. She could not produce sperms that could have fertilised an egg. It was high and a low of life. The trying times made her lose the urge for sex and it really demoralized him. Any time we tried to engage in intercourse, he would cry of pain. I was left wondering whether... Read more


My husband is uncircumcised and for the last three years we’ve been unable to get children. Could his condition be the cause of our infertility? And if it is, how can I convince him to get circumcised without him feeling offended?

drugs abuse

Is it true that drugs like marijuana and cocaine affect am mans sperm production and movement?

i can't explain the support and love that my wife has showed me

Hello, sometimes it’s hard for us to admit that we might be the one failing our spouses. I myself gave my wife a hard time when we were trying to conceive. When she wanted us to visit the clinic for tests i was so scared that it will mean I am half of a man. but she’s really been my rock, she introduced me to such forums and i got to se... Read more

low sperm count

My husband has been struggling with fertility issues. Our first visit a few years back we were told his sperm count was lower than expected. Our recent visit he was told he has slow swimmers and dead sperm. When you are told you have dead sperms,what should you do? And what causes it? And can you repair it