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Pile Problem

Hello, I suffer from piles, and hear that to have the operation is not a good way to solve this problem .. can you suggest alternative solutions to this problem please? Your suggestion are deeply appreciated.

Reduce Stomach fat

Hello, I want to reduce my stomach fat.. what do i need to do.. because i don't have sufficient time for gym ..

Hare Transplant

hello, hair transplant it's risky or not can any one suggest me.. because i am going for transplant my hair

dark circles

I have dark circles under my eyes.. it makes me feel ugly. How can I remove these dark circles please?

Self abuse

Hello, I am a girl and I masturbate, when am with my friends we talk a lot about sex (we are teenagers after all) but when I come up with the subject of masturbation, the girls say that it is disgusting and they don't do it. So I don't have the courage to talk about it any more.

size matter or not

Hello, my penis size is normal, and I am due to marry soon. I am wondering if size matters?

Hair loss

Hello, Is there any shampoo that I can use for preventing hair loss? Each time that I uses the brush, I find that I lose so many hair. Someone please help me! Thank you.

Give up smoking

Hi, I smoke about 10 a day, often I feel tired and would like to quit smoking. I have tried before without success. Any suggestions please, I do wish to stop?

Worried about hair loss

Hello, everyone i am new to this forum. here i want discuss about hair loss. i am suffering from hair loss.. i have taken many treatment .. but i did not get any good result .. so please give me good me suggestion .. thanks