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Early menopause-what to do???

Hello! I am very frustrated. I would like to share my story. And I would be very grateful if someone would share her own experience, too. Maybe it will help me to find my own solution. I am suffering infertility. During the last years the idea of having baby haven't left me. It was impossible with my diagnosis. I have you been diagnosed... Read more


Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well. My name is Alessia. I recently got married at the age of 30. Finding a partner who truly cared about me and understood my illness was something I thought next to impossible. However, I was lucky I would say. I know that he is happy with how things are for now but deep inside I know that both of... Read more

A women is in trouble.

Hello, good day, all!!! I am asking this question on my cousin behalf. She is about 35. She has two baby boys. Now she is trying for the third baby. But can you believe that how many times she had gone through MC? 6 times in her life. her first baby was through the operation. She has wasted a lot of blood at that time. now the biggest i... Read more

Cheating husband

How do you handle a cheating husband? I have not caught him actually but he has changed abruptly - always irritated and fins faults to create aggravation. As I am not used to arguments, I took no notice but as time goes, I am worn out with this kind of behaviour. Nothing seems to be good anymore with what I do. There must be some re... Read more

Surrogacy is great

Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing fine. Thanks to you guys for helping me out. I am thankful to everyone who helped me out in choosing adoption or surrogacy. I am glad that I chose surrogacy. Surrogacy is sure best procedure for infertile couples. I didn't expect much but wow It is going to be a miracle. My fallopian tu... Read more

Fear of infertility.

I have a problem with both ovaries and have elevated prolactin levels. I don't know if there's any treatment for ovarian this. Do you think someone having this type of problem may get pregnant. I have a regular cycle and normal menstruation every month.

Hair transplant surgery

Hello, Hello, I have a bald spot in the middle of my head and I'm decided to get through a hair transplant surgery. I have tried may methods but it seems that it is taking too much time. This is why I'm decided to get through a hair transplant definitely. Yet, I want to know whether it can be something dangerous. Thanks in advance. Read more

please help me to get rid of allergies

"Many people are confused in choosing the eco friendly clothing assuming that natural fabrics such as cotton are greener than synthetic fabrics like polyester.This isn't always the case. Conventional methods of growing cotton use vast amounts of potentially toxic fertilizer and pesticides.While it is possible to grow cotton without th... Read more

Regretting my Decision

Hello, How are you? Hope you are doing well against infertility. I am also an infertile. I tried to contact *** clinic related to their surrogacy treatment. i emailed them several times and asked about the procedure and privacy details but they didn't reply any of my email. I also tried to contact them via phone but failed. I didn't expec... Read more

Need guidance :(

Hello everyone, I hope you all are fine. I wanted to share my pains with you. I am 41 and I had my miscarriage last year. A year has passed but still, I have not come out of all this. Everything has changed. Nothing is just like before. My family is changed and I can't handle this. I was so happy when I received the news of my pregnancy. ... Read more

surrogacy or adoption

hey, everyone. hope you all here. I'm here with a question. is surrogacy better or adoption? first I will something about me. I'm 26 years old. having 3 miscarriages from the age of 21. I was married to my class fellow nick. at the age of 20. I and my husband loves to have a baby. but nature doesn't want me to have it. nature makes me inf... Read more


Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing fine. I find this forum a paradise. Where lots of women are sharing their problems and getting some real advice. Well, I am infertile and I am very confused and upset. I don't know what to do. Last year I met a car accident, where I lost my baby. My fallopian tubes got damaged badly and... Read more