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Are men actually uncomfortable and.not grossed out

I am a woman. First of all I LOVE sex, trying new things and being creative sexually. I have been with woman and men and most people things its hotter for 2 woman to have sex but not men....WHY??? men its OK to want to experience things you fantise about. Hell we woman WANT YOUS TO WANT TO!!! I just moved to ky. Any suggestions for meetin... Read more


Hello All! I'm 43 years of age now. I was married once and now i'm married again with my first marriage i had no luck of having children. I was pregnant for many times in my first marriage but had many complications regarding having a baby. Now i'm married again and i'm at an age of 43 by now and have no luck with having a baby again ... Read more

Worst Day

Hey there, how are you all? I hope you all are doing great. I am creating this thread to create awareness about the fake clinics. I know we all are victims of the reputed clinic ***. I don't know what they want from us. It is better we do some research before taking the big decision. Life is not a game and we can't let someone play with o... Read more