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Infertility in men

Hi! I am new on this forum. Me and my husband are trying to conceive for more then two years. Recently I went to the doctor for deatail checkup and tests. My doctor is sure that it is everything OK with me. I don't know what to think. Probably it's problem in my husband. I must convince him to go to the doctor. Can you tell is there some ... Read more

I can stilll choose to have the child

Hello, Hi ladies. Recently, I found out that I am pregnant. This one wasn't planned. I was on the pill. However, somehow it happened. I talked to my boyfriend about it. He doesn't want a child right now. He keeps asking me to abort. I wasn't prepared for a child either. However, I still don't want to abort. I told him that I want to kee... Read more

Infertility struggle

Hello everyone, i am meera and I have been on this forum for a while now, but wasn't around for last few weeks as I had not been feeling well. I am myself struggling with infertility and have been to a fertility specialist and discovered that my fallopian tubes were blocked and that has been the reason for my infertility. I and my husband... Read more


Hello, Hello ladies. It's been a long day, I just came back from work. Before going to bed I just wanted to leave a post here. Does anyone has had surrogacy? Well, the thing is that I'm considering to have one in upcoming 2018. I will first try having an IVF then if things won't be working in my favor. I'll have surrogacy later as a sec... Read more