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I get tired quickly while playing football

Hello, Ever since I was in 7th grade, I noticed that when I played soccer, I would get out of breath and would get very tired very quickly. As the years went by, it all seemed to get worse and worse. I'm 16 now and can barely stay in the game for 10 minutes. I'm drenched in sweat while everyone's fresh faced. Don't say I'm just not co... Read more

Quit smoking

Hello, I quit smoking for four months last year; I started again and for one month I've stopped. But this time it's seems a lot more difficult to abstain from it. Help me please.

Help me I'm always tired

Hello, I'm 15years old and I am very tired. During the weekend I sleep up to 10hr- 12hr and still I'm always tired. Even in the week I sleep 9 hours, and at school I'm drowsy. I feel dizzy also. Help me please.

Tobacco smoking very rarely

Hello, I have a friend (girl) who smokes half a packet of cigarettes with her best friend very rarely. They meet only twice in a year and I worry a lot for her. I wonder if this may have a serious effect on her health later. Thanks in advance.