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The gift from God

Hi everyone! I am not sure it is ok to write like that…. It is so personally. But I really want someone to give me a piece of advice. A little about the background. Some time ago I was pretty happy. I just got married, I was successful at my work. And my friends always supported me. But I haven't realized my happiness. Only now, I see ... Read more

Infertility struggle

Hello everyone, i am meera and I have been on this forum for a while now, but wasn't around for last few weeks as I had not been feeling well. I am myself struggling with infertility and have been to a fertility specialist and discovered that my fallopian tubes were blocked and that has been the reason for my infertility. I and my husband... Read more


When I married at the age of 39, I was not quite ready at that time. I decided to postpone pregnancy for the first year of my marriage. It was not so easy and even little of bit of depressing too. I have been trying very long to conceive. Month after months, we tried several treatments but all went fail. After lot of struggling I am goi... Read more