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Healthy Food

My weight is 80 and i'm 17 years old... What js the healthy food that can make me lose weight while not going to the GYM but i'm doing some exercises in my hom? Read more

Yeast infection

Hello, Can someone please tell me how it is possible to cure yeast infection effectively please? Thanks.


Hello, Is infertility something hereditary please? If you have some members in your family who have infertility troubles, can you get infertile too? Thanks in advance.


Yes it can happen...

I Had A Ovarian Dropsy In Left Fallopian Tube

I had a ovarian dropsy in left fallopian tube and hydrops in right tube. I think it is impossible to get pregnant. I took a laparoscopyin in the end of 2013 to excise the cyst and clean out the hydrops. Still no pregnancy for the last 6 months. So I took a salpingography in June, 2014. Two months later, I started to take Fuyan Pill under ... Read more


Congrats..... :)

Reason for having brown discharge

Hello, I have often observed a brown discharge and I wish to know what is the cause for having these. Thank you.


Hello, Can someone please tell me what is the treatment for someone having chlamydia? Thanks.

Please I have to know what happend

Hello! I have a problem. I had sex on April 25th. On 2 of May i have my menstruation. We are now in 3 of june and menstruation didn't came I am very regular. I wonder if I'm pregnant. I think it's because I had to take antibiotics one week from 20 to 25 May and I think that's why because i haven't had relations since April 25. Read more

help, am I pregnant?

I was giving my bf a handjob and a bit of his semen fell onto my hand (I had all my clothes on). I immediately washed them with hot water, soap, and then cold water. I dried them and didn't touch myself in or near my vagina until 40 minutes later while taking a shower. My las period was on July 10th, that happened on July 17th, I stil... Read more

Can i get pregnant?

Could I get pregnant from dry humping (or outercourse) with my boyfriend in the pool? We were both wearing bathing suits (plus he was wearing underwear under it) and he did not finished/ cum. He also said he wasn't aroused enough to even release pre cum. I am on the pill ( since like a year ago) and just that day I was starting a new bli... Read more

How many sperms

Hello, How many sperms are shot out when someone ejaculates please? Thanks in advance.

Contraception and fertility

Hello, Does control pills make someone infertile please? Thank you.

Really fat stomach

Hello, Can having a very fat belly make someone lose sex drive please? Thank you.

Infertility tests

Hello, We have been trying to conceive a baby with no positive result. My husband doesn't seem to be having any trouble since he ejaculates normally. Is there any possible mean to know if I am infertile without the need to get to a doctor please? Thanks in advance.

5 months trying to conceive a baby

Hello, It's been 5 months that we are trying to conceive a baby and I am wondering whether one of us could be having infertility problems. Do you believe that this is a possibility? Thanks in advance.