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Can i get pregnant?

Could I get pregnant from dry humping (or outercourse) with my boyfriend in the pool? We were both wearing bathing suits (plus he was wearing underwear under it) and he did not finished/ cum. He also said he wasn't aroused enough to even release pre cum. I am on the pill ( since like a year ago) and just that day I was starting a new bli... Read more


This is not the signal of pregnancy.


Hello, Is infertility something hereditary please? If you have some members in your family who have infertility troubles, can you get infertile too? Thanks in advance.


Yes it can happen...

I Had A Ovarian Dropsy In Left Fallopian Tube

I had a ovarian dropsy in left fallopian tube and hydrops in right tube. I think it is impossible to get pregnant. I took a laparoscopyin in the end of 2013 to excise the cyst and clean out the hydrops. Still no pregnancy for the last 6 months. So I took a salpingography in June, 2014. Two months later, I started to take Fuyan Pill under ... Read more


Congrats..... :)


Hello, My wife has stopped taking her birth control pills since we have decided to conceive a baby. Till now, there has not been any positive result. I was wondering whether control pills can make a woman infertile, can you please answer me? Thank you.

IVF treatment?

Hello I am 33 years old and still no baby and with my husband we were considering to have recourse do the IVF because we really want and need to have a child. Actually I wanted to have some comments from women who have been through this process. My cousin has done same and the result us negative at 37 years old with a transfer of 2 embryo... Read more

Azoospermia:Can I be pregnant?

Hi, Can I be pregnant if my partner has azoospermia (no sperm)? Thanks for response.

My wife is infertile

Hello, We have been trying to conceive a baby since long and finally during a check up, the doctor said that she had her fallopian tube blocked, is there a solution for this please? Thanks in advance.

Early menopause-what to do???

Hello! I am very frustrated. I would like to share my story. And I would be very grateful if someone would share her own experience, too. Maybe it will help me to find my own solution. I am suffering infertility. During the last years the idea of having baby haven't left me. It was impossible with my diagnosis. I have you been diagnosed... Read more

No baby

Hello, I have no baby. I have been trying to conceive a baby since I have been married but there has never been any good news for me. What is the solution if ever I am found infertile please? Thanks,

Infertile at 16 years old

Hello, What may cause infertility in a girl of 16 years old please? Thank you.

Testicular varicose veins

Hello, My husband has discovered some testicular varicose veins and the doctor has advised him to do a sperm count test. He is feeling uneasy about it and is hesitating to do it. What should I do? We want to start a family, so need to know answers for this. My husband is a pessimist but I still have some hope. We have already t... Read more

What causes fertility issues or barrenness? [Solved]

Hello, for four years we have been trying to get my wife pregnant to know avail, even after some fertility treatment for her which according to the doctor was to open up her fallopian tube that seems to be tight, an iud was placed inside her for 2 weeks and prescription of clomid was made after the removal of the device but yet we have... Read more

How to know whether someone is infertile

Hello, How is it possible to know whether someone is infertile please? Thanks in advance.


Go for infertility test.

Blocked fallopian tube

Hello, What should be done when someone has a blocked fallopian tube please? Thanks.

5 months trying to conceive a baby

Hello, It's been 5 months that we are trying to conceive a baby and I am wondering whether one of us could be having infertility problems. Do you believe that this is a possibility? Thanks in advance.

Infertility tests

Hello, We have been trying to conceive a baby with no positive result. My husband doesn't seem to be having any trouble since he ejaculates normally. Is there any possible mean to know if I am infertile without the need to get to a doctor please? Thanks in advance.