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November 25, 2012
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November 25, 2012
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Fats on the chest

Hello, I have fats on my chest which makes them look like boobs, how can I get rid of these fats please? Thanks for your suggestions.

Weird pimples

Hello, I have some pimples on my back and they are really strange. It is as if the pimples are under the skin, has someone ever had this? How can I get these removed please? Thanks for your help.

Red spots on the face

Hello, I have red spots on my face since childhood and there are many creams that I have tried but in vain. They never went away. Will I have this on my face for all my lifetime please? How can I get these removed? Thanks for your help.

Objective to lose weight

Hello, I have the objective to lose weight and get a normal body before the end of this year, what do you advise me to do in order to realize please? Thanks in advance.