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I have found out about surrogacy.

Hello everybody. I trust everybody is doing great. I am composing this to approach you individuals for guidance. I am extremely discouraged. I was in an auto collision and had an unsuccessful labor. I had a hysterectomy. Presently I cannot consider normally. It truly kills me consistently to consider it. I have found out about surrogacy. ... Read more

Success from infertility

Hey! Hope so you are doing good. I want to share my cousin's story who is suffering from infertility. Actually, she became married at 32. After that, she became pregnant and then she had to meet with an accident. At that moment, she lost her pregnancy. Her doctors also declared her infertile due to some internal issues. She didn't know wh... Read more

surrogacy help needed

Hello, I am new to this forum. I had a hysterectomy and i have totally given up. But I recently came to know about surrogacy procedure. I am really hopeful. I want to know details about this procedure. My husband's family is not in favor of this procedure. I need some convincing to do. Kindly share your positive experiences. Also, tell me... Read more

Fear of infertility.

I have a problem with both ovaries and have elevated prolactin levels. I don't know if there's any treatment for ovarian this. Do you think someone having this type of problem may get pregnant. I have a regular cycle and normal menstruation every month.

Kindly suggest me the best process.l

Hello, I am facing problems in having a child, i want a suggestions from the experienced couples who are trying to make a baby through surrogacy process and IVF process. My aunt suggested me to visit ukraine to make a baby as I can't have normal delivery, I am facing problems in my Embryo and i am very much worried about this. My doctor w... Read more


Hello, Does anyone know someone who has conceived a little earlier with the IVF process? I just need confirmation. I heard from some ladies that IVF usually takes a little earlier for women to conceive. I am just calculating a few things right now. I'm also booking for one next year in Ukraine. That's why I really need to know. Anyway! ... Read more


Hi! I am an infertile women of 33. I about my disorder one year after I got married. Having a baby is on wishlist of every mother. Not all get it anyways. I don’t understand it. Though I am still going treatments but deep down, I feel like its never gonna work for me. My husband tries his best to make me feel better but how can I. Its nob... Read more


Hello, all IPs looking for something great to happen. My post is for all those parents who have lost the hope of becoming the parents in future. Such desperate parents want to do everything to get the happiness they are dreaming of. Many countries still don't allow the assisted reproduction or it is too expensive there. Eastern European c... Read more

Experience Regarding

Hi, hope all of you enjoying good health. As you all know infertility is very painful. I am also facing infertility from last few years. I tried hard to conceive but failed. I can't conceive because of my heart problem. My husband loved me very much. He suggested to look for other options. We heard about surrogacy and IVF. After searching... Read more

Regretting my Decision

Hello, How are you? Hope you are doing well against infertility. I am also an infertile. I tried to contact *** clinic related to their surrogacy treatment. i emailed them several times and asked about the procedure and privacy details but they didn't reply any of my email. I also tried to contact them via phone but failed. I didn't expec... Read more

Worst Nightmare

Hello all, hope all of you are doing well. How are you dealing with infertility? You all need to stay strong. I have experienced the worst nightmare of my life. I am an infertile. I have mitral stenosis. because of that i cannot conceive naturally. My husband and i decided to look for other alternatives. After discussion we decided to g... Read more