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Girls problem at 14 years old

Hi, I am 1m52cm and am 14 years old. I started my periods early at 12 years old but no other changes in me, is it normal? My friends said that I would never have these changes before I reached 1m70cm. Everyone calls me the dwarf as everyone in my class is tall at 1m65cm or more.

To lose weight at 13 years old

Hello, I am 13 years old and I weigh 52kg to 1.62cm in height. I want to lose weight from my belly and thigh. I consume balanced diet and I dance 3 times a week. Sports 3 hours per week and walking from time to time but with my parents. I have stopped eating sweets... I lost some weight off my belly but my thighs are really a big proble... Read more

I badly need some advice about losing weight

So, I am Elisa, 14 years old and I just hate my body. I feel really uneasy and I want to lose weight from my thighs and my belly. But the most important are my thighs and the problem is that I hate sport. I don't like it at all. So if you have some useful tips to give me don't hesitate...