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August 13, 2011
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August 13, 2011

Injury at the foot

Hello, I had dropped a hammer down on my foot a month ago. Now the bruise has gone but the problem is that there still is pain in there. What should I do please? Thank you.

Fainting spells?

Hello, I have a really big trouble and I just can't understand it. I will often faint and it's now more than one year that this is going like this. My vision will become blurry and start to fade out. I will also feel kind of pain in the chest and then faint right down. It will most of the time be a matter of only a few seconds. Any sug... Read more

Pain in the heel

Hello, Can you please tell me how to deal with pain in the heels? It is in the inner heel that I'm having this problem. I will often put ice cubes on it but the pain will come again and again. I will be unable to walk because of this, can anyone please help me? Thanks.