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pregnancy issue

Hi My name is Jackeline and am a new member of this forum. During my pregnancy, the doctor broke sad news to me. I was suffering from a lateral cord insertion. The edge of my placenta was conjoined with the umbilical cord. The condition takes all the nutrients making the embryo to be deprived of vital nutrients. From the specialist view ... Read more

cases of infertility

I have a friend who is experiencing difficulties in getting a child. However, she is afraid to visit the doctor and learn that she is infertile. Since I want to help her, are there any signs that can be used to identify if someone is infertile?

IVF or not

Hello, everyone. Pleased to be here.I am new here. I just want opinions from well-minded people. I would not say I am confused, just skeptical. My best bet for having babies now is through science. Have any of you tried in-vitro-fertilization with donor eggs? I am totally open to the idea but I have my fears. I am due to travel next week ... Read more