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Delay in menstrual bleeding:Am i pregnant?

Hi, last night, I had sexual intercourse after taking my last placebo pill. Usually, I have a regular menstrual cycle but for this month my period was delayed. Consequently, instead of bleeding, I have vaginal discharge and feel pain in the lower abdomen. I am anxious. Do you think there is a risk of pregnancy? Thanks in advance.

Yellow teeth: Dental implants?

Hello, I am 19 years old and since childhood I have yellow teeth. I consulted a dentist about whitening my teeth and the past he applied it did not last. I have two damaged front teeth and to preserve them I had a dental crown. Please can you tell me what to do? I desperately need help as I am even ashamed to smile. Do you think I sho... Read more

Baby teeth and diarrhoea.

Hi, For 3 days now, my son who is nearly 4 months has been suffering from diarrhoea. He is also teething and constantly biting his hand. Do you think, it is out of bacteria that he has diarrhoea? I am very anxious for my little angel. Thanks for your help.